Friday, December 30, 2011

Why am I writing this blog?

Friends and Family,

I am writing this blog out of request by some sponsors and friends. I want to keep it fun and interesting, not a play- by- play of my training! This blog is also supposed to be casual, so please excuse typos or run- on sentences. I will try my best to make it clear as can be, but it is supposed to be how and what I am thinking. Therefore- if you know me well enough- you know my mind is always going, going, going.... the style of the blog is not supposed to be organized or perfect. This is more of a 'diary'... not walking you through my training days. Yes, I will go through some of that each day, but it is also telling you feelings, pros and cons, lessons learned along the way, etc.

I will write this blog starting once a week. On Sundays, in reflection of the past week of training. If that changes, I will alert you. As training picks up, I may update it more! (the first blog will be today, Friday, almost exactly 3 months out, the next will not be until the following weekend on Sunday).

If you have any suggestions or want to know about anything specific, or have questions, please please please post comments! The more the better! Comments will give me ideas of more blog topics and will fulfill any questions you have or clarify anything that doesn't make sense.

Please do not send this around to "randoms"... close friends and family only please :)

Thank you for following! The more interest I have, the better!!!



  1. Thank's Mom! Did you know there was another post? Look to the right and there is a list of my posts!