Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Motivation/ Mid- week check in

37 Days....

I needed some major motivation today. As I was looking over the course maps, my training schedule and what is coming up... I started freaking out... to say the least.

You would think knowing that there was 1.2 miles to swim, 50 some miles of biking uphill and then 13.1 miles to run, that these facts would be enough motivation. By simply knowing I would have to complete those miles, one would think it would be easy to say, ' I better get my butt out there and train.'

Well, no. The process has become grueling and tiring. My motivation needed a good refresher and I needed a kick in the butt...

These are what got me going: 

Amazing. Inspiring. Ridiculous.

Cheesy, but awesome.

And last.... but certainly not least:
(Alex and Jackson showed me this, this past summer... I cried... obviously... but I re- watched it today for a bit of motivation)

Never Give Up-



  1. You are our motivation, Ali!! ........ CAN

  2. Great vids, Ali! Don't worry - I am dealing with the same logistical onslaught. Remember: there will always be light.