Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Busy bee!

Hi Everyone!

COUNTDOWN: 2 Months, 12 days.... 

My week is busy, busy, busy! I was sick all last week with some sort of sinus/ throat cold. Therefore, my training had to cut back big time. Getting back into it this week has been a bit rough and is taking a toll on my energy and my psyche (I hate to admit).

This weeks agenda (in terms of training):

  • Off (I taught a spin class, since I took a couple extra days off the previous week for being sick)
  • Strength Training (1 hour)
  • Tempo 30 Bike Ride (30 minutes as fast as you can go, plus some other warm up drills- total= 1 hour).... I did not do this, as I taught a spin class the night before and did not want to push my health.
  • Run with 30 Second- 1 Minute Sprints (1 hour)
  • Swim (Approximately 1 hour, 100's... 5 X 100 meters as fast as you can go, 30 second break in between each set, 4 times.... warm up for 20 minutes, cool down for 10 minutes- this one is HARD) 
  • Run (1 hour)
  • Teaching Spin Class (6:15 at Focus Fitness Main Line! Come work up a sweat!)
  • Swim Test (1000 meter time trial- as fast as I can go!- I record these test times to improve my speed with my trainer).
  • Teaching Spin Class (5:30 at Focus Fitness Main Line!)

In between these workouts, I am working and graduate classes started up again. There are not enough hours in the day and the stress is catching up to me, big time! Goal is to keep priorities, a positive attitude, keep a balanced diet and get good sleep so I have energy to accomplish all of these things with success. Oh right, and relax and have some fun. It is difficult, but I'm on a mission to make it work!

To answer some of the questions posted in the 'comment' section:

  • What does my nutrition look like?
    • Stay tuned for Sunday's blog! That is coming up!!!!
    • Do I have a twitter account to follow daily? Where I am? What workouts I am doing?
      • I will start using a Twitter account a month or two weeks before the race. That way, my readers can track me while I am at the race and see more immediate and current updates. 
      • Does my bike trainer have automatic hills or do I 'create the hills'?
        • My new bike trainer is all manual. I use my bike just as I would on the road. Meaning, when I switch gears, that is what makes it harder or easier (mimicking a hill or flat road, etc). Depending on my workout for the day, I may make it harder to create a 'hill' for 3 minutes, 8 minutes, or do all hills the whole ride. In addition, there are tapes I can purchase or use on the television that will take me through an imaginary course and i can change it when the 'instructor' on the tape tells me. I do not do this right now, because what I am supposed to be doing is so specific, I do not want to use another workout other than the trainer I use right now. 
        • Can I post a video of me using the trainer?
          • Of course! Next time I am on the trainer, I will take a video to show the movement of the machine and post it!
          • When it is rainy, do I run outside?
            • I try to commit to the phrase, run outside rain or shine. Running outside is harder, burns more calories, is more like race day and is the best option. With that said, it is not healthy to run outside all the time. Yes, I can throw on layers and a rain coat and battle the rain or layer up and battle the cold, but thats how people get sick. I would rather work harder on the treadmill one day then risk getting a cold. If it is only drizzle and above 25/ 30 degrees (no wind) then I will be outside. 
          If there are any other questions, do not hesitate to post and/or shoot me a message! I also LOVE knowing what you guys would like to hear about- so if there is something specific, let me know and I can make your topic a blog post!

          I have a long way to go... and this is just the beginning.

          .... So thank you everyone for reading and for your support. Have a great rest of your week! Keep a look out for Sunday's blog!

          Never Give Up~


          "Whether you think you can... or think you can't- you're right."- Anonymous


          1. Thanks for the updates, looking forward to your dietary regimen + bike video-maybe this will inspire me to pre-make my meals for the day

            1. Video next week or Wednesday for sure! Nutrition this week :)

          2. I don't know how you do it all! Keep up the hard will definitely be worth it!

            1. It will most certainly be worth it- but... you come up as "unknown"... therefore, I don't know who you are!!